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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems utilise the immense amount of energy that the sun radiates to our homes and feature solar collectors that absorb the sun’s radiation as heat to feed into our homes without the need for using traditional energy methods. Solar thermal systems are used for heating hot water inside your property but can be equally efficient at heating outdoor spaces, such as swimming pools, and are a cost-effective way to maintain comfortable water temperatures.

At Huttie our MCS accredited engineers and experienced project managers can work with you to design and install a bespoke solar thermal system for your home suitable for all your property’s hot water requirements. In the summer months solar thermal systems can provide your home with completely free hot water whilst in the winter months you could still achieve an efficient return.

Whether you are in the process of developing a new-build property, or you are renovating your existing home, solar thermal technology can be easily integrated and maintained with your existing heating system.

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