Thermal heating for homes across Cambridge and London

Solar thermal heating systems utilise the immense amount of energy that the sun radiates to our homes. Thermal heating systems feature solar collectors that absorb the sun’s radiation as heat to feed into homes without the need for using traditional energy methods. Today, solar thermal heating is used for water heating in domestic properties and is equally efficient for homeowners with bespoke swimming pools looking for a cost-effective way to maintain comfortable water temperatures.

At Huttie, our fully-accredited engineers and experienced project managers can work with you to design and install a bespoke thermal heating system for your home, suitable for all your property’s hot water requirements. In the summer months, solar thermal solutions can provide your home with completely free hot water.

Whether you’re in the process of developing a new-build property or you’re renovating your existing home, domestic solar thermal heating can be integrated easily and function in the background with minimal maintenance required during its expected lifespan of up to 25 years.

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There are two types of collectors that can be used within a solar thermal heating solution for your home: flat plate and evacuated tube collectors. Flat plate collectors feature a dark flat plate absorber of solar energy that pass solar energy through the tube via heat-transport fluid such as glycol or water. Evacuated tubes are different in that they use heat pipes as their core rather than passing heat-transport fluid directly through them.

This type of collector features multiple evacuated glass tubes inside it, each containing an absorber plate fused to a heat pipe. The heat generated from the heat pipes is conducted to the transfer fluid and circulated to a hot water tank heat exchanger.

If you’re looking for a versatile and renewable energy solution that can reduce your home’s carbon footprint and work simultaneously with any existing renewable energy systems within your property, call us today for a free, no-obligation quote for a state-of-the-art thermal heating installation.

All our thermal heating services are guaranteed – we’re only happy with our work once you are.