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Heating Controls

Heating your property efficiently and cost-effectively is more important than ever thanks to rising fuel bills. Heating controls are now just as important as choosing the right type of boiler for your home enabling you to specify temperatures in individual rooms and specific areas of your house using simple-to-use handset devices or apps.


  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • Save money on heating bills
  • Schedule heating and hot water as and when required
  • Select certain areas to heat at a required temperature


There are various different types of heating controls available:

  • Smart – Allow remote management of heating from a tablet or smartphone and can automatically adapt and learn based on your previous choices and adjustments
  • Thermostats – Programmable so that heating cannot exceed a set temperature during the set times of day
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s) – Control the flow of water through the radiator and not the boiler and smart TRV’s can automatically do this based on air temperature

Timing Control

There are also various methods of timing control:

  • Programmer – Automatically switches off, on, and heats up to the set temperature and times required
  • Zone – Similar to a programmer when multiple separate heating circuits are installed to enable different rooms to be heated to different temperatures and times of day
  • Programmable TRV’s – Allows individual radiators to automatically switch on, off, and heat up to different temperatures and times of day
  • Optimiser – Calculates how long it takes the house to warm up and will ensure the heating automatically switches on at the correct time to achieve this
  • Automation – Determines when people are present using sensors or location tracking and will ensure the heating automatically switches on when required

At Huttie our NICEIC approved electricians are well versed in specifying and installing smart heating controls suitable and our highly-skilled experts can install and demonstrate how best to operate your heating controls depending on your property’s demands and overall efficiency.

We will gladly provide a free no-obligation quotation for everything from individual heating controls to a fully-fledged building management system creating a comfortable, cost-effective environment.


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