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Hydrogen Boilers

Hydrogen boilers or hydrogen-ready boilers are able to use both natural gas and hydrogen as their fuel source. Hydrogen boilers look almost identical to the present day gas boiler and are also installed in pretty much the same way. Like gas boilers, they are connected to the gas mains and hydrogen or natural gas fed from there making them an ideal transition appliance as they can be used before and after the new fuel is supplied. The internal components are also very similar to present day gas boilers with minor differences being the inclusion of a hydrogen-ready flame detector and burner for example.


It is not currently possible to purchase a hydrogen-ready boiler as there are currently no reliable supplies of hydrogen gas. However, many of the leading boiler manufacturers have been working on hydrogen-ready prototypes for several years and made significant progress. Therefore, it is thought that hydrogen-ready boilers will be rolled out from 2025 to coincide with the proposed gas boiler ban in new build properties.


  • Zero carbon emissions – hydrogen only produces water
  • Existing gas infrastructure can be used – quick and easy to roll out and avoids the costs of adopting a completely new system
  • Efficiency – hydrogen is more efficient than gas as 1kg of hydrogen produces the same level of energy as 2.8kg of gas


  • Cost – hydrogen is not cheap to produce and therefore not viable for the mass market
  • Flammable – hydrogen is arguably more flammable than gas and does not smell making it harder to detect
  • Storage – hydrogen is not as heavy as gas and therefore much more difficult to store and transport

Overall, the mass production and nationwide roll-out of hydrogen as a future fuel source is well underway but not yet there as an instant solution. The UK government is collaborating with industry leaders and making good progress so if you want to keep updated with information and availability then contact us at Huttie today. Our hydrogen boiler engineers are ready to help!

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