Ground Source

Ground source heat pump system installers Cambridge & London At Huttie, our NICEIC approved contractors install ground source heat pump systems for businesses across a plethora of industries, notably rural businesses, schools and organisations with enough land to use for heat extraction. A highly renewable energy source for any commercial property, a ground source heat […]

Air Source

Air source heating systems installations in Cambridge & London If your organisation is looking to slash its carbon footprint and benefit from greatly reduced energy bills in the process, an air source heat pump (ASHP) may be the ideal replacement for your existing heating system. Air source heating is a highly-efficient, renewable energy source and […]

Solar Photovoltaics

Commercial solar PV installations in Cambridge & London At Huttie, we’re experts at commercial rooftop installations of solar PV, helping businesses and organisations to drastically reduce their energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint and securing them a more self-sufficient future. Our highly-skilled workforce has many years of experience in commercial solar PV installations, virtually replacing […]

Solar Thermal

Solar thermal system installations in Cambridge & London At Huttie, our fully-accredited engineers are contracted regularly for solar thermal system installations at commercial properties where businesses are seeking a renewable energy source to cope with their high hot water demand. Solar thermal uses panels known as collectors that are fitted onto a roof that’s as […]


Biomass renewable energy installations in Cambridge & London At Huttie, we work with schools, agricultural businesses and other rural industries, as well as holiday parks and hotels, specifying and installing biomass boilers that offer a carbon-neutral alternative to oil or LPG boilers. Financially, it makes perfect sense for businesses to consider a biomass renewable energy […]

Renewable energy: a popular choice for commercial businesses in Cambridge & London

For many years, Huttie’s fully-accredited engineers have been contracted to specify and install bespoke renewable energy solutions for the commercial retrofit and new-build sector across Cambridgeshire and London.
With traditional utility bills on the rise, organisations are taking steps to generate their own electricity on-site. At Huttie, we can help your business cut its carbon footprint by installing a commercial renewable energy system, reducing your need to purchase energy from the National Grid network.

Businesses, schools, universities, local authorities and charities may also be eligible for one of the government’s renewable energy schemes to incentivise the installation of renewable energy within commercial premises.

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