Solar panel servicing and maintenance services in Cambridge & London

At Huttie, our NICEIC registered contractors are available to regularly serve businesses and organisations across Cambridgeshire and London with maintenance of their renewable energy systems. Solar PV is a considerable long-term investment for any business owner, so it’s important that you maintain its performance and efficiency 365 days a year, supplying premises with heating and hot water.

It is said that the build-up of debris on solar panels such as leaves, moss and bird excrement can harm the potential output of your business’ solar PV by as much as 30%. For commercial properties, schools and agricultural buildings where the number of solar panels is likely to be far greater than a residential installation, the loss of potential profit and energy to your building is by no means insignificant.

Our highly-skilled workforce are extremely proficient in the maintenance of solar panels and replenishing solar PV systems with glycol antifreeze to ensure year-round operation for your organisation. Our in-house estimation team can provide a fast and accurate quote for any solar PV maintenance contract your business requires.

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