Commercial Solar Panel Replacement & Maintenance

For businesses and organisations that have invested heavily in renewable energy systems for their premises, it’s vital that you ensure they are working to their best efficiency; providing your workplace with energy, hot water and maximising your income from the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. At Huttie, our fully-accredited engineers are well-versed in the servicing and replacement of solar panels for faulty or inefficient solar PV systems.

One of the most common issues with inefficient solar thermal panels is the need for fresh glycol antifreeze. We can specify and service your solar panels with fresh glycol to increase their ability to generate energy from the sun’s rays.

Commercial Solar Panel Glycol Antifreeze Replacement In Cambridge & London

Our in-house estimation team can provide a quick and accurate quotation for any solar panel replacement tasks for commercial premises. Our engineers take great pride in their maintenance of renewable energy systems. We guarantee all solar panel replacements – we’re only satisfied with the performance of your premises’ solar PV system once you are.

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Your commercial property’s solar panels are exposed to the elements 24/7. With the typically changeable British weather that can present a potential risk of damage at certain times of the year. At Huttie, our engineers are available 365 days a year for emergency call-outs regarding solar panel damage, with the expertise to repair or replace panels to minimise disruption to your business.

Given our engineers’ years of electrical expertise, in the event of a technical or electrical fault with your solar PV system, our team will be able to fix the issue even if the fault lies within the wiring or electrical components rather than the solar panels themselves. You can rely on Huttie to get the job done.