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Commercial Boiler Installations

There are many types of commercial boiler each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


Usually the go-to boiler type as condensing boilers are specifically built for high efficiencies as they utilise a specially designed heat exchanger to lower flue gas temperature enough to condense and capture the extra energy from condensation.


The main boiler shell is oriented vertically instead of horizontally which allows for a much smaller footprint making them ideal for areas where length and width restrictions are present.


Unlike other boilers there is no combustion energy being transferred into the water with an electric boiler as only electrical energy is utilised, they are designed in both vertical and horizontal shell orientation, and can be configured for steam or hot-water applications. They also have extremely high turndown, zero emissions, and thermal shock resistivity.


Designed to circulate water in tubes, heated externally by fire, hot gases from combustion flow between the tubes filled with water meaning watertube boilers operate at a larger capacity and have the ability to handle greater pressures and higher temperatures than other boilers.


Often smaller with lower operating pressures hot gases from combustion flow through tubes to transfer heat into water contained in a pressure vessel meaning firetube boilers offer a cost-effective heating solution with minimal maintenance required.


We understand that as well as being potentially unsafe, old commercial boilers can waste energy and cost your business money. There are a number of signs that show it is time to replace your existing boiler such as unreliability, loud noises, unpleasant smells, or a blue light which now burns yellow. Rising energy bills are another red flag as inefficient older boilers can cost more money to run so, in the long term, maintaining an old boiler can be more expensive than investing in a new one.

If you have an outdated or inefficient boiler that needs replacing, we can design and install a new, modern alternative to suit your needs and provide efficient service for many years to come. Our engineers can inspect your commercial boiler for signs of wear and tear that could indicate the need for a replacement, and we can also test carbon monoxide levels for evidence leakage potentially exposing staff members and personnel to health and safety hazards.

If you are unsure which boiler is most suitable for your business premises our experienced project managers can undertake a site survey and consult with you to better understand the size of the property and your specific requirements, we can then recommend the best commercial boiler for your needs.


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