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Commercial Heating Installation

Whichever industry sector you work in it is important to have confidence in knowing your heating system is safe, efficient, and cost-effective. A dangerous commercial heating system has the potential to cause a serious incident and place the future of a business firmly at risk. Commercial heating systems differ to those installed at residential properties as they can spread across a much larger area and can be divided between areas each with differing needs; such as individual offices and units.

Modern heating systems can include extremely advanced technology and there are numerous ways in which a building can be kept warm:

Oil / Gas

Boilers are commonly used to heat larger properties where pipework can be installed throughout to access each room / area.

Water is heated and pushed round the pipework to serve radiators or underfloor heating.

Warm Air

Space heating is commonly used where constant and consistent temperatures are required.

Fans will draw air across a heat exchanger and distribute the heated air evenly throughout the space.


Thermal destratification is commonly used to keep floor and ceiling level temperatures at normal levels.

Fans will mix a building’s internal air to eliminate layers of heat and re-circulate warm air to create a consistent temperature throughout the space.

Heat Pumps

Renewable systems such as heat pumps can be used in modern buildings that require a consistent temperature.

Heat pumps take heat from the air and use this energy to heat water and push round the pipework to serve radiators or underfloor heating.

Air Rotation

These heaters are suitable for warehouses and facilities which require frost / ice protection without using ducts.

Cool air is continuously drawn from below the heater which then moves large quantities of controlled air throughout the space at a constant temperature.


These systems can provide both heating and cooling.

The external units have compressors which convert refrigerants from gases to liquids before sending through the coils in the unit to generate heating or cooling as desired.


Our team are highly experienced in designing and installing bespoke heating systems for commercial use and supplying businesses with highly regarded equipment that will serve your premises for many years.

If you are looking to upgrade or replace the heating system in your commercial property, our experienced project managers will gladly consult with you to better understand your needs and requirements.


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