Commercial Biomass Installation

If your business is looking to reduce heating costs and lower its carbon footprint, commercial biomass is the answer. Firstly, Our biomass installers here at Huttie have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry. Secondly, we work with a range of customers, from schools and agricultural businesses to hotels and holiday parks. Subsequently, we take great pride in what we do and work closely with our customers to provide the perfect biomass solution. Read on to discover more about biomass and the benefits it can bring to your business.

What is biomass?

Biomass is short for ‘biological mass’. Put simply, it’s a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to fossil fuel, used to power heating systems.

  • Biological matter such as wood, grain or miscanthus (which is a type of grass) makes up fuel.
  • Derived from organic materials the fuel is entirely sustainable.
  • A variety of activities generate biomass fuel. Ranging from agricultural and forestry industries to commercial and even domestic waste.
  • Woody biomass – made up of products such as wood chips or wood pellets.
  • Non-woody biomass – derived from things like animal waste and industrial waste.

Why bring in biomass installers?

Not only is the use of commercial biomass better for the environment, but it’s also beneficial for businesses, too. Largely derived from materials that are essentially waste products. Therefore, biomass fuel makes it significantly cheaper than fossil fuel alternatives, and long-term savings can be substantial. Biomass installations can also be received from the UK Government, via a Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). This rewards businesses for using carbon-neutral energy sources.

Another advantage of converting to biomass fuel is that you don’t have to replace your heating system. With a new boiler connected to your current system, you’re good to go. In short, the result is lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. As part of the service here at Huttie, a biomass boiler service engineer will ensure that your boiler keeps running smoothly.

Inefficient hot water and heating systems can be a problem for businesses of any size. So, in these circumstances, commercial biomass could provide the ideal carbon-neutral solution. This is delivered directly through wood chips, wood pellets or logs. The boiler will then fuel traditional heat sources like radiators and underfloor systems. The financial benefits  – an initial investment of a biomass renewable energy installation could be repaid within four or five years. Ongoing service will be provided by a biomass boiler service engineer.

Biomass Renewable Energy Installers In Cambridge & London

At Huttie, we work with schools, agricultural businesses and other rural industries, as well as holiday parks and hotels, specifying and installing biomass boilers that offer a carbon-neutral alternative to oil or LPG boilers. Financially, it makes perfect sense for businesses to consider a biomass renewable energy installation as they can potentially pay back the initial investment in just four or five years of use.

For commercial premises struggling with inefficient heating and hot water systems, a biomass boiler could be the ideal solution. Fuelled by logs, wood chips or wood pellets delivered to your workplace, it supplies traditional heating through radiators or underfloor heating.

Here at Huttie we are happy to talk to existing and new customers about their requirements. Established in 2007, our highly experienced and fully accredited team pride themselves on the first-class service they provide. An initial evaluation of your site can be followed up by a detailed feasibility study. That way we can ensure that we offer the perfect solution for your business.

If you’d like to know more, talk to our friendly team for some informed advice and find out how we can help your business. If you are interested in biomass as a renewable energy source for your business, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements. Our team can undertake a desktop evaluation of your site initially and, if suitable, follow this up with a detailed feasibility study.

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The UK government’s Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) can give your business a financial incentive for biomass installations by paying you for utilising carbon-neutral energy sources. From the moment your biomass boiler is installed by Huttie’s highly-skilled engineers, you will be paid quarterly from the RHI every year for 20 years based on the metered output from your commercial biomass installation.

At Huttie, we guarantee the installation of all biomass renewable energy systems for commercial use – our engineers take great pride in their workmanship and are only satisfied with their installation once you are.