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Generator Hire in Cambridge & London

If you are working in an industrial or construction setting you need a reliable and stable power source for a variety of reasons; from providing continuous power for electric tools, to equipment for lighting systems, a commercial generator can be a vital part of any project.


  • Construction – As a source of power on sites for tools and equipment.
  • Manufacturing – As a source of power in factories for machinery and backup support.
  • Utilities – As a backup source of power to prevent interruption of services.
  • Education & Healthcare – As an emergency backup in places such as hospitals and schools for patient and pupil welfare.
  • Government & Military – As part of emergency response operations.

However, depending on the type of project being carried out, you may only need a generator for a specific period of time; in such cases, commercial generator rental can be a preferred option:


  • More cost-effective if you only need a generator for a limited period of time.
  • All maintenance and repairs are covered ensuring compliance with emissions and noise regulations.
  • Installation and technical support is included.

We offer a wide variety of generators featuring a tough but lightweight steel enclosure with galvanised sound attenuation, battery isolator, and forklift pockets for easy lifting, to suit any occasion and our friendly team of staff are happy to assist if you are unsure as to which generator is right for you:

30kVA – Suitable for small to medium projects as a standby generator or mains supply backup and is simple to use.

60kVA – Suitable for medium to large projects as a prime power generator supplying equipment and machinery or those requiring 3-phase power.

150kVA – Suitable for large construction sites, events, and emergency backup situations and can be paired with additional equipment such as fuel tanks.

200kVA – Suitable for standby use in critical applications or as a prime power source when mains power is not available.

300 to 500kVA – Suitable for a permanent power source for temporary or remote sites.

If we do not have the generator you require in stock we will be sure to source an alternative for you. Contact our team today!

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