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Commercial Plumbing Contractors for Cold-Water Plumbing

Current health and safety regulations may dictate that your commercial property requires a new cold-water plumbing installation. If your premises is dated pre-2000 then it is likely to contain a galvanised or asbestos cold-water tank which can now be regarded as hazardous. Fortunately, we have vast experience in brand-new and refurbished cold water installations for commercial premises including the survey for, and removal of, asbestos and other hazardous materials.

For premises where mains water pressure is insufficient, we can also use our expertise and experience to design upgrades, such as cold water booster set installation, to improve a system’s water supply. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve a reliable and cost-effective cold water system for your commercial premises.

There are three main types of systems:

Gravity With Re-circulation

Found in many commercial premises cold water enters the building from a rising main and is stored in a cold-water tank which, by gravity, feeds the points of use without re-circulation. Cold water is also fed to the hot-water cylinder which will provide a continuous flow of water from the cylinder around the distribution circuit and back to ensure hot water is quickly available at any point of use independent of distance from the cylinder. There is also a circulation pump which will be sized to ensure the return temperature back to the cylinder is not less than 50 degrees Celsius.

Gravity Without Re-circulation

Similar to the above but there is no hot-water loop or re-circulating pump and cold water can either be gravity fed directly from the storage tank or supplied direct from the mains.

Mains Pressure (Closed)

Cold water is fed directly from the mains, heated, and fed directly to the points of use without the need for a storage tank. An expansion vessel, safety temperature, and pressure relief valve will be required as the water in the system will expand due to heating. This method of distribution can be used in both re-circulation and non-re-circulation systems and there is a reduced risk of legionella as there is no storage tank to which anyone is regularly exposed.


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