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Cold-Water Booster Pump

If you have a booster pump set applied to your cold-water system then regular servicing is necessary to ensure the reliability of the pumps and the consistency of your building’s water pressure throughout.

Our highly-skilled engineers will check pressure vessels, test pumps and mechanical seals for failure, motor bearings and all isolation and non-return valves to guarantee a steady flow of clean water to your business.


Regular servicing will:

Prevent disruption or loss of water flow to your premises by helping to identify any potential issues before they develop into a problem.

Help avoid break downs and damage which could lead to costly repairs and replacement parts.

Ensure your equipment runs efficiently and lasts longer.

Help you meet your legal obligations as an employer as any prolonged loss of running water could risk the health and safety of staff and clients.


Overall a smooth running booster pump will help ensure the comfort of your staff and personnel hopefully leading to a comfortable workplace.


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