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Blending Valve Servicing

Maintaining the balance between keeping your water supply safe and usable is important. On the one hand the water needs to be hot enough to kill any bacteria whilst on the other it needs to be safe enough to use without the risk of scalding. A blending valve will equalise the heat and pressure of your water system to achieve this.

Blending valves are used within water systems to control the flow of one fluid in relation to another and works by equalising pressure at two sensing points, one in each line of fluid being blended. The blending valve ensures the percentage of one fluid to the other is adjusted by creating a flow rate in direct proportion to the capabilities of the valve restrictions.

Our engineers know how to safely service blending valves to meet the demands of all commercial facilities to healthcare standards.

When Needed

The main reason for installing a blending valve is for safety grounds.

A blending valve is needed when water is keptĀ at very high temperatures to kill bacteria before it becomes a health risk as it will reduce the heat to a safe level for the prevention of scalding and burns.

Without a blending valve your water will come out too hot or too cold and unpleasant to use so it is key to regulate the water temperatures ensuring they remain consistent and comfortable to use.

A blending valve can also prove cost effective and energy efficient as it will ensure you are using less hot-water.


Visual inspections should be carried out to ensure the correct specification of valve is fitted.

Water temperatures should be measured and recorded to ensure they are between 39C and 43C.

A failsafe shut-off test should be performed to isolate the cold-water supply.

Each valve should be cleaned, descaled, and disinfected.


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