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Gas Testing & Purging

Other than after a new installation, testing and purging may be required:

  • If any part of the gas pipework or fittings has been altered and not isolated as it will need strength and tightness testing.
  • If the gas pipework has been de-commissioned for any amount of time and gas is being re-introduced under pressure.
  • If a leak has been detected and rectified or a weak point identified.
  • If any gas pipework is being taken out of service.

At Huttie our Gas Safe registered engineers are experienced in purging gas pipelines and undertaking repairs on existing or newly installed pipework to mitigate the threat of a gas leak at your business premises.

A gas leak is a significant safety risk so our engineers will carry out periodic tightness tests of your gas pipework to provide complete peace of mind and allow you to focus on running your business.

A smell of gas, or the presence of gas, during a tightness test would represent an immediate fail. In this particular scenario, your Huttie engineer would subsequently isolate the leak and repair the fault as quickly as possible to minimise business disruption.

Our highly-skilled commercial Gas Safe engineers will always familiarise themselves with the gas pipework installation of your building before commencing any testing and only once they have evaluated all possible risks and located all shut-off valves will they proceed with gas purging. Book your commercial gas test with us today!


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