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Commercial Ground Source Heat Pump Installation

At Huttie, our NICEIC approved contractors install ground source heat pump systems for businesses across a plethora of industries, notably rural businesses, schools and organisations with enough land to use for heat extraction. A highly renewable energy source for any commercial property, a ground source heat pump (GSHP) extracts energy from the ground for all your premises’ heating and hot water requirements.

A GSHP system circulates liquid through pipes called a ground loop, which are buried vertically in a borehole or buried horizontally using a so-called slinky configuration. The longer the loop, the more heat can be absorbed from the ground and emitted into your business premises. Subsequently, GSHP systems work best for organisations that have enough land to generate plentiful energy from their ground’s temperature.

Commercial Ground Source Heating Installers In Cambridge & London

If you are interested in ground source heat pumps as a renewable energy source for your business, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements. Our in-house estimation team can provide a swift and accurate quotation for our fully-accredited engineers to specify and install the right ground source system for your building.


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