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Commercial Lighting

The impact of commercial lighting often goes unnoticed but it can change the whole mood of a room dramatically. If a business gets their lighting choice wrong, not only will the space look and feel wrong but it will likely have a knock-on effect on the business too.

What is commercial lighting?

The term ‘commercial lighting’ refers to any lighting solution designed to brighten a commercial space.

The correct lighting type is essential to the mood of the room and, no matter how perfect the decoration is, if the lighting is slightly off the required ambiance will not be achieved. There is no one size fits all approach and you can get creative with commercial lighting designs to achieve any desired bespoke lighting system which offers a solution for your business and your business only.

Office Lighting

Offices should be fun and inspiring places to work and creativity can be accelerated by having the correct commercial lighting solution in place, if your office is dull and gloomy it is likely that the workforce will reflect this in their efforts which could have a knock-on effect on business productivity and ultimately profitability. An office is also a hub for your brand and offers a chance to reflect your core values throughout plus if you regularly host client meetings at your offices you should want to show-off the working environment you have created.

Store Lighting

Lighting design in retail premises can help draw in footfall and physically make people stop and take notice, the mood generated can be just as important as the window displays. You will want to be remembered for the right reasons and for making shoppers feel welcome as the less time spent inside the less opportunity there is for them to spend money, the ambience lighting can generate is extremely important in relation to customer comfort.

Hospitality Lighting

Within bars and restaurants not only does lighting serve a purpose of adequately lighting the space but it adds to the fashionable design, layout, and brand appeal. With themes playing a big part in the hospitality industry it is just as important to have a commercial lighting installation that is on-trend as it is to have staff uniforms and featured decorations.


Our NICEIC approved electricians can help design and install well-considered business lighting solutions throughout your premises. Lighting is a critical component in any commercial property as it can enhance employee morale, satisfaction, productivity, and improve operating conditions whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety and security.

Our highly-skilled electricians have years of experience installing commercial lighting for businesses across a range of sectors and industries and every lighting project we deliver is carried out to the highest quality.


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