Commercial Solar Panel Installation

If you need an efficient and cost-effective way to harness the sun’s energy for your business, then a photovoltaic system is what you need. PV commercial solar panels will help reduce both your energy bills and carbon footprint. In addition, they will also make your business less reliant on the National Grid for supply.

So, what exactly are solar PVs and how do they compare to a thermal system? Also, why should you use Huttie as your solar PV installer? Let us look at these in more detail below.

What Are Solar PVs?

Solar PV is a technology that captures the sun’s energy and turns it directly into electricity. Each PV cell is made of semi-conductive materials that absorb photons, freeing the electrons and turning them into energy.

Each cell on a solar panel connects with others to create a module that makes a certain voltage. These modules are further linked to create an array: the larger the array, the more power is produced.

As the cost of photovoltaic systems has gone down, the demand for this type of technology has gone up. Today many residential and commercial buildings use PV panels wherever roof space allows.

Photovoltaic Systems vs Thermal Systems

Another way of using the sun’s energy is through a thermal system. A thermal system collects sunlight and turns it into heat, which it then uses for power. Thermal systems are most used in hot water systems.

Thermal is often more efficient at collecting heat than solar PV, is less complex than PV and needs less space. However, thermal systems are much less effective in winter months and have shorter lifespans.

On the other hand, PV systems can last up to 30 years, can cover around 60% of your building’s energy needs, and work all year round. So, while both systems have their benefits, PV is a durable and cost-effective option for your commercial solar panels.

Why Use Huttie for Commercial Solar PV Installations In Cambridge & London

At Huttie our expert team has many years of experience when it comes to commercial solar panels. Our engineers will design, build and install your PV system, making sure the panels get the most exposure to the sun.

We aim to deliver excellence in both our designs and our service. We will minimise disruption to your daily work while also adhering to strict health and safety measures.

As well as design and installation, we will also supply full maintenance and support services. We also provide a 24-hour emergency call-out service should any issues come up. All these make us the perfect solar PV installer for your business.

At Huttie, we’re experts at commercial rooftop installations of solar PV, helping businesses and organisations to drastically reduce their energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint and securing them a more self-sufficient future. Our highly-skilled workforce has many years of experience in commercial solar PV installations, virtually replacing the need for daytime electricity from the National Grid.

Our engineers can design, build and install your business’ new solar PV system, fixing it to your roof facing as close to south as possible to maximise the panels’ exposure to energy from the sun. Solar PV produces electricity and this energy mixes with the energy that you gain directly from the grid automatically, with no moving parts or complex system controls, to operate your workplace autonomously and cost-effectively.

We aim to deliver excellence in both our installation methods and workmanship and the levels of health and safety we adhere to; working smarter with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business operations.

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Since 2007 Huttie has been delivering the finest services to commercial clients in London and Cambridge. We perform a range of services including plumbing, electrical and mechanical services, including installations and maintenance.

To find out more about what we can offer your business speak with us online or get in touch via phone. For a top-quality solar PV installer for your business contact Huttie today!

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Solar PV can generate electricity even on a cloudy day, making it suitable for anywhere in the UK. It also delivers substantial financial returns for businesses via the UK government’s Feed-in Tariff. The government pays you for every unit of solar electricity you generate, with annual returns of up to 15% in some cases. If you don’t end up using all of the solar electricity you generate at your business premises you then have the option of selling any excess solar energy back to the grid.

Huttie engineers will not only provide full installation of commercial solar PV systems, they are available for maintenance, support and 24-hour emergency call-outs. This highly reliable form of renewable energy is here to stay and with solar panels capable of lasting up to 25 years, it’s a great investment for any growing business.