Commercial Solar Panel Testing & Maintenance

At Huttie, our highly-skilled NICEIC approved engineers can be contracted to come on-site and service your business’ solar panel system. Solar PV and solar thermal systems are a significant renewable energy investment for any forward-thinking organisation, so it’s important that your system is working at optimal efficiency.

Due to their exposure to the elements, solar panels inevitably accumulate dirt and debris over time which can reduce their effectiveness. In the simplest cases, our engineers’ repairs may only involve cleaning your solar panels to maximise the surface areas for the sun’s rays to hit.

Solar PV System Testing & Servicing In Cambridge & London

However, in more serious cases, our solar panel servicing will involve isolating and testing faults within your solar PV system. With many years of mechanical and electrical experience, you can rely on our field service engineers to carry out essential plant maintenance if necessary.

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IEC 62446 standards state that periodic verification of existing solar panel systems should be performed on non-domestic buildings. When carrying out solar panel servicing, our fully-accredited engineers will provide a periodic verification report, including a list of any faults or recommendations for improvements or repairs to your solar panel system design.

Every solar panel system and business has different requirements from their solar panel servicing. However, you can rest assured our engineers will conduct a thorough investigation of your premises’ entire system, including PV module string testing, junction box and distribution board inspections, voltage checks and an inspection of your building’s overall roof condition.