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Air Con Servicing and Maintenance

The annual maintenance of your system is just as important as the design and our service engineers understand this better than most. Maintaining clean filters and undertaking a bi-annual run check-in heating and cooling modes can make all the difference in terms of both running costs and efficiency. Most importantly, without proper maintenance you could experience a serious malfunction which affects other areas of your house so can have complete confidence that Huttie will provide a professional service post-installation.

Our team of F-Gas registered engineers specialise in air conditioning servicing and will design and carry out regular maintenance plans tailored to your needs. A regular air conditioning service keeps all your units in working condition all year round and ensures that you do not unexpectedly end up without temperature control.

We understand that servicing and maintenance is often one of the first areas to be cut back when money is tight or forgotten about entirely but this in itself can be costly particularly when it can mean the difference between a 10 and 15-year installation lifespan. Our advice is always to have a comprehensive service and maintenance contract in place to avoid unwanted bills.

Some common problems with a poorly maintained system are:


As your air conditioning system ages, it is not uncommon for small leaks to appear but regular maintenance will spot weak areas before they become problematic.

Dirty Coils

In both freestanding and wall-mounted units coils help to remove the heat and stale air. Over time the coils become dirty, which can cause problems with airflow, but regular maintenance will ensure they are cleaned and continue working properly.

Fan Failure

Fans provide hot and cold air to the parts of your system that need it. If the fans fail, your entire system could malfunction leading to a very expensive repair or replacement but regular maintenance will ensure all connected parts are kept lubricated and in check.

Control Faults

If your system controls are based on incorrect information this will affect the temperature output but regular maintenance will ensure your settings are accurate at all times.

Our air conditioning specialists will gladly provide an accurate estimated cost for the continued service and maintenance of your system, irrespective of whether it has been installed by Huttie, and advise you on a sensible maintenance schedule tailored to your needs. Book your ac repair in Cambridge with us!


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