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Lighting Installations

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor lighting solutions at Huttie we can offer the latest technology and designs to suit your property’s specific needs. The correct home lighting can make all the difference making living spaces feel brighter, more spacious, and help to accentuate key design features throughout a property.

Domestic lighting products predominantly come in four variants:


Used to provide general illumination in a wide range of options such as recessed, pendant, cove, surface, track, and wall lights; dimmer switches can also be used to allow for ease of brightness adjustment.


Provides a specific amount of illumination to carry out certain tasks such as cooking and reading; this type of illumination is best achieved through recessed, track, under-cabinet, or portable light solutions.


Mainly used to help set a certain tone or mood through table lamps, ceiling chandeliers, and speciality hi-hats; accent lighting can also be used to draw attention to interesting or attractive features.


Solar powered lights can help to bring a garden alive when the sun goes down and the installation of sensor lighting can ensure you will always be able to see where you are going late in the evening; driveway and pathway lighting solutions can also be a beneficial addition especially during the winter months.

Our highly-experienced project managers and NICEIC certified electricians can work with you from day one to ascertain the home lighting installations you are after before creating tailored designs and drawings to provide inspiration for the look you want. Once you are happy with our design we will send our friendly and professional electricians to carry out the installation of your new home lighting in a safe and efficient manner.

We can also offer high-tech lighting solutions designed to cut your home’s electricity usage by utilising energy efficient systems that make your lives easier and brighter.


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