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Option Two

What Is Included?

The annual service of your primary heating source is included with all our service and maintenance contracts.

With our service and maintenance contract Option Two you also receive unlimited anytime call-outs covering our first hour onsite to isolate and make safe the affected work area.

The cost is £20 per month including VAT.



Service & Maintenance Cover from Huttie

Do I Need Cover?

If you have an older boiler which is more than 10 years old, you might find a fault which is no longer covered by warranty and could result in you having to pay for an expensive repair to get it fixed.

Our service and maintenance contracts protect you against unexpected callouts no matter how old you boiler is.

We hope this extra level of security will give you peace of mind that Huttie have you covered and are only a phone call away.


An emergency callout can be extremely costly and can put many people off getting minor issues fixed, therefore potentially escalating into far larger problems.

With our service and maintenance contracts, you can choose a level of cover to suit you and ensure that a phone call to Huttie will save you time and money.

Our cover also extends to your home electrics, heating, and air conditioning, meaning you are getting much more than just a boiler service.

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