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Battery Storage

Battery storage refers to the use of an energy storage system which has been installed to store energy readily available to power your property cheaply and cleanly.

How Does it Work

With a battery storage system in place, you can store energy for later use meaning you do not have to draw from the grid during peak hours.

In the first instance, a battery storage system can take its charge from a renewable energy system (i.e. solar panels) enabling you to charge the battery using free, green, renewable sources.

In the second instance, a battery storage system can take power from grid using low-cost, off-peak energy (i.e. overnight) when electricity from the grid is at its cheapest and cleanest.


A battery storage system will typically comprise:

  • Battery – where energy is supplied to and stored for discharge
  • Inverter – brains of the system which connects the battery to any renewables, the grid, and the home
  • Software – where you can track and manage energy usage via an app


A battery storage system will:

  • Reduce your energy bills by circa 85% if the energy stored is managed and used efficiently
  • Enable you to get smarter about your energy usage over time
  • Maximise any investment in renewable technologies
  • Protect your electricity supply from disruption during power outages
  • Reduce your carbon footprint


Any home can benefit from a battery storage system which come in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet the power needs of any property.

Battery capacity depends on variables such as:

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