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Central Heating Systems

Central heating systems broadly fall into one of the following:


Hot-water circulates through a pipework system connecting from a boiler to the radiators, it may also connect to a hot-water cylinder which would provide hot-water for bathing and washing.

Warm Air

The air is heated by a boiler and fed via ducts throughout the house so the warm air enters each room via a floor or wall vent.

Storage Heaters

Individual storage heaters will be installed throughout the house and are built to store large amounts of heat, they will be heated up overnight using off-peak electricity and gradually release the heat over the following day.

Electric vs Gas

The main benefits of electric central heating is availability to homes not on the gas grid and equipment such as storage heaters are easier to install and require fewer parts than gas equipment. However, electric central heating is often more expensive to run and are harder to provide instant control meaning heading needs will need planning ahead.

The main benefits of gas central heating is the lower running costs, efficiency of newer gas equipment, and ease of replacing gas-for-gas boilers for example. However, not all homes are connected to the gas grid and gas equipment requires regular servicing to ensure good working order is maintained.

At Huttie our heating engineers have years of experience in maintaining your property’s central heating system and keeping it functioning efficiently all year round.

If you are looking for replacements and repairs we offer a high-quality service to help optimise your property’s central heating performance and minimise long-term fuel bills.

We are experts in specifying the right radiators and heating parts for all types of properties so whatever your needs we will gladly provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation and survey visit.

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