Radiator plumbing and repairs in Cambridge & London

Radiators are a key component of your home’s heating system. Not only do they help you stay warm in the colder months, they help reduce your home’s overall energy costs. At Huttie, our Gas Safe registered engineers have years of experience in dealing with radiator plumbing issues to help keep your property’s central heating system operational in the most efficient way possible.

Whether it’s one-off radiator replacements and repairs for homeowners or multiple fittings for property landlords, our fully-accredited plumbing engineers offer reliable, high-quality service to help optimise your property’s central heating performance and fuel bills over the long term.

Our plumbing and heating division are experts in specifying the right radiators and parts for all types of properties, from houses and bungalows to an entire block of apartments. Whatever your needs, we can immediately provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for our radiator services.

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If you’d like our plumbing engineers to investigate poor heating performance throughout your home, one of the first areas we’ll consider are the radiator circuits. We’ll rebalance your home’s radiator system, reviewing all Flow Regulation valves, individual radiator thermostats in each room and the boiler itself, whilst adjusting the pump speed to guarantee the temperature you desire in every single room; optimising your fuel usage.

If you feel that your radiators aren’t performing as they should, it’s quite possible there may be a build-up of sludge inside your radiators. This affects the radiator’s ability to emit heat and causes you to pay more to heat your home than you actually need to. Our plumbing engineers are equally adept at flushing radiators, giving them a deep cleanse that clears all unwanted deposits within your radiator, allowing them to perform to their best once again.