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Underfloor Heating Engineer

Underfloor heating systems are becoming increasingly popular in new build properties and for homeowners that see the value of invisible heat all year round. Our customers benefit greatly from the installation of underfloor heating as these types of systems utilise less energy to operate and require lower water temperatures in order to generate comfortable warmth in the colder months.

There are predominantly two types of UFH system:

  • Warm Water / Wet – Suitable for all types of project providing low long-term running costs but with a slightly higher upfront cost
  • Electric – Recommended for smaller spaces as running costs are approximately 3 x more expensive but overall generally cheaper to install

What is UFH?

A method of heating a home through strong, flexible tubing embedded in the floor.

How Does UFH Work?

The floor area affected is essentially turned into an invisible heat emitter as the tubes installed beneath the floor heat up to warm the room from the ground up.

Benefits of UFH?

  • Flexible – It can be installed in any property type and in just one or multiple rooms, even upstairs.
  • Feeling – Heat is gently emitted upwards making cold floors feel warm, this warmth produced is also even eliminating cold spots and draughts common in radiators.
  • Efficient – Lower flow temperatures than a radiator system are used and a larger surface area is covered so less energy is used.
  • Discreet – Systems are invisible which is perfect for open plan living and homes where space is at a premium as it frees up wall and floor space.
  • Safe – There is no exposure to hot or sharp edges and the warmth provided is free from draughts and dust movements.
  • Environment – Less energy is used than traditional heating systems providing a reduced carbon footprint.

At Huttie our team of engineers have many years experience of installing underfloor heating systems and we have the expertise to deal with installations in all types of premises from concrete and timber, to suspended floors, we can help reduce your energy costs and provide warmth in its most natural form.


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