Smart Meter Installations in Cambridge & London

If you’re seeking new ways to keep a lid on your home’s energy bills, the installation of a smart meter could be just what you’re looking for. As part of the government’s plans to reduce the carbon footprint of properties across the country, smart meters are designed to make it as simple as possible for homeowners like you to save energy and keep more money in your back pocket.

The government wants smart meters to be fitted within all homes by 2020, giving you complete control over your energy usage via an in-home display that’s as good to the wider environment as it is to your wallet.

At Huttie, our NIEIC engineers can visit your home to fit and demonstrate your home’s new smart meter. It’s helped thousands of homeowners across the UK to change their behaviours by seeing exactly how much gas and electricity they are using.

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What’s great about smart meters is that they do lots of the leg work required in terms of letting your gas and electricity supplier know how much you’ve used each month. It will digitally submit accurate meter readings to your energy supplier, ensuring a more precise energy bill. They do this by connecting wirelessly to a secure national communication network, so that you no longer need to run your household off estimated energy bills.

Energy suppliers are innovating with smart meters too in a bid to provide more competitive, bespoke tariffs using the data collected on when and how households are using energy the most. With a smart meter at home, your supplier may be able to offer you a tariff with cheaper prices for off-peak usage. If you’re interested in modernising your energy usage and improving your home’s carbon footprint, call Huttie today to arrange an installation from one of our fully-accredited engineers.