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Cabling and Wiring

There are a variety of electric cables around the house all installed for different purposes:

Twin & Earth

All general internal power cables will probably use twin core and earth cabling which is formed from 2 cores, insulated with a PVC outer sleeve, and an earth core between; the live core will have brown sleeving, the neutral core will have blue sleeving, and the earth core will have green and yellow sleeving.

3 Core

Domestic light fittings controlled by two-switches (two-way lighting) will use 3 core and earth connections between the two switches. The cable is formed from 3 solid cores, insulated with a PVC outer sleeve; the cores are brown, black, and grey, with a green and yellow earth.

Steel Wired Armoured (SWA)

For outside use, SWA cable is used to move power underneath the ground by burying the cable or using overhead wires. The number of cores can range from two to four depending on the purpose which are individually sleeved, wrapped together with a layer of plastic sleeving, and covered with a layer of protective wire armour before being finished with a final outer layer; due to the multiple layers of protection, SWA cable is not as flexible as other options.


Most portable appliances and light pendants will use flex cables which allow for flexible connections to a power point as they allow for a greater bend compared with other cable types and also straighten with ease; the cable is formed with two or three cores inside a PVC outer sleeve.

If used outside, standard flex cable would not withstand weather or temperature fluctuations but Arctic flex is designed especially for this and provides an ideal alternative for external tight spaces where standard SWA cabling will not suffice.

At Huttie our NICEIC accredited electricians are fully-trained and continually maintain their knowledge of the latest wiring needs, requirements, and 18th Edition regulations. For any homeowner or tenant losing power or having unsafe electrics is both an inconvenience and a potential hazard with poor electrical circuits and cabling placing occupants in jeopardy.

We are committed to delivering high-quality wiring solutions for those properties requiring updated electrical works to their existing system. Our NICEIC approved experts will gladly assess the wear and tear of your existing cabling against the threat of fire or electrical faults and, if necessary, provide a free no-obligation quotation to replace it with a newer, safer, and more reliable cabling infrastructure.

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