Glycol replacement in solar panels for the home in Cambridge & London

At Huttie, our fully-accredited engineers have serviced many solar panels systems for homeowners across Cambridgeshire and London. Maintenance of your solar panels is essential in order to maintain their efficiency and maximise your return on investment.

Over time, the antifreeze within your solar panels can break down and potentially freeze during particularly cold weather. Our highly-experienced engineers can get to the root of the issue and replace the glycol antifreeze if necessary. In some instances, glycol antifreeze can also overheat within your home’s solar panels, leading to a reduction in the life and efficiency of the glycol, an unwanted blockage of liquid within the system and potential corrosion of the pipework, cylinders or, worse still, the panels themselves.

If you think it’s time to service your solar panels for home use, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for one of our friendly, experienced engineers to replace the glycol within your solar panels and test the rest of the system.

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For your home’s solar water heating heat transfer fluids, some solar panel systems located in warmer climates will use water due to its low cost and ease to source. However, in the UK, water is unsuitable as it can’t be guaranteed to operate all year round. Subsequently, polypropylene glycol is mixed with water as an antifreeze solution. With a low freezing point of -25 degrees Celsius, it’s durable enough to transfer heat 365 days a year.

At Huttie, we guarantee all work our engineers carry out on glycol replacements and solar panel servicing for your home. The team take great pride in the work they do – we’re only satisfied with the job once you are. For high-quality service and competitive rates, please contact our team today to schedule an engineer visit.