How Often Should a House be Rewired?

How often should a house be rewired? In terms of safety and energy efficiency, this is a very important question to address. The cost of updating electrical wiring in the home is dependent regular maintainence.  Maintenance is important to prevent fires and property damage. Can I rewire my own house?  Let’s take a closer look […]

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

The importance of maintaining your air conditioning system Whatever the nature of your business, it is important to have your air conditioning system regularly serviced. Poorly maintained air conditioning breaks down, upsets your staff, and affects profitability. Here at Huttie, we offer commercial air conditioning repair and servicing, and are on hand to provide help […]

Drainage System Clearance

For many businesses, the responsibility of their buildings upkeep is on them. Drainage systems are often overlooked part of this responsibility, with build ups of debris, dirt, limescale, and more causing systems to become blocked, leaving you with the hassle of getting them unblocked and causing downtime for your business. Unfortunately, clearing out drains and […]

Data Cabling Made Simple

If you work from home, or you or your family rely on a fast and stable connection for streaming, browsing or gaming, then you need state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure. With the internet commonly used for more than just simple browsing these days, faster and more reliable connections are needed. The popularity of streaming services for films […]

Cold Water Tank Maintenance

Cold water installations are used in commercial buildings either to hold water before it’s heated by a boiler, or to keep a separate supply from the buildings hot water. There are several reasons that these essential tanks may need maintenance, or to be entirely replaced – we’ve summarised everything you need to know about cold […]

Gas Pipelines for commercial properties

Gas pipelines are vital for the operation of commercial enterprises, transporting gas to buildings to provide their heating. The proper installation and following maintenance can have a serious effect on the operation of your business, with any problems with a pipeline having potential to disrupt your business and cause some significant downtime. Every aspect of […]

Cut costs with smart energy management from Huttie

Every commercial space needs a reliable heating system, but are you using yours in the most cost effective and energy efficient way? Chances are, you could be making significant savings and cutting back on the amount of wasted energy that you output, all thanks to our smart energy management solutions. Smart heating has seen a […]