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Why Boiler Servicing is Important for Your Home

Boilers play a central role in a home and not having an annual service can impact its performance, make your home unsafe, and increase energy bills.

Saving Money on Energy Bills

As part of the annual service, your boiler will be checked for running efficiency which will save you money in the long-run as improving a boiler’s efficiency will prevent dirt and build-ups subsequently enabling the boiler to run more smoothly reducing fuel consumption.

Keep Boiler Under Warranty

Not having an annual service could invalidate your warranty as many manufacturers require a Gas Safe check each year. Also, some manufacturers provide warranties of 10 years or more which demonstrates the importance of protecting your boiler and receiving the benefits.

Save Money on Repairs

Regular checks and maintenance can improve the reliability of your heating system and minimise any potential future repairs. Also, an annual service can help fix any issues straight away meaning the boiler is less likely to break down later on.

Legal Requirements

If you are a business owner or landlord, an annual service is a legal requirement and any tenants must be provided with a gas safety certificate every 12 months.

Keep Family & Friends Safe

The most important point is that having an annual service will help to ensure your home is a safer environment as a damaged or faulty boiler could potentially lead to dangerous fires, gas leaks, or the risk of releasing carbon monoxide.

If you need your boiler replaced or it’s in need of a service, then contact us today!

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