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Improve Your Workplace Lighting

Lighting is an essential component of your workspace, whether an office or a factory, making sure that your workforce has adequate lighting ensures they can get their job done to the best of their ability and feel more content and comfortable with their environment, resulting in higher productivity and employee satisfaction.

Types of Lighting

Along with ensuring you have adequate natural light the right electrical lighting installation can make a world of difference.

There are three basic types of artificial lighting: general, localised general, and local (or task).

General lighting is the provision of uniform lighting across a whole work area with no emphasis on specific parts, a good example of this is ceiling fixtures above a warehouse.

Localised general lighting would then use additional overhead fixtures to increase the amount of light for certain tasks.

Local (or task) lighting increases the amount of light to the immediate surroundings, for example a desk lamp. With local lighting there are usually options for the user to adjust and control the amount of light and its direction.

Updating Your Premises

It is quite common that an older commercial building is currently being used for a different kind of business than it was originally developed for originally. Even though some changes have been made here and there you might not be getting the most out of the premises due to an outdated lighting system that is inappropriate for your needs.

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