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Choosing a Light Commercial Boiler

Energy Efficiency

You do not have to be an eco-warrior to benefit from an energy efficient boiler, the more gas you save, the less money you spend on utility bills so make sure to take a close look at energy ratings and checking out green credentials, it is also important to pick a suitably sized boiler for your premises.

The introduction of the Energy Labelling Directive has made it much easier to select low cost, high output products and all space and combination heaters sold in the UK now come with a grade ranging from A++ (highest) to G (lowest).

Zone Controls

While zone based settings are not always essential for domestic properties, they can be very valuable for businesses as if the building does not require to be heated in all areas, all of the time, save yourself some cash by bumping up the thermostat in the frequently occupied areas whilst shutting off the disused areas.

For instance, a stock room or basement might see little action throughout the day with stored items also faring better in colder conditions, so it is helpful to have a precise and targeted zone control system.

Cumulative Costs

When looking at installation costs it is a good idea to also factor in the cost of ongoing care and maintenance. Commercial boiler maintenance is actually very affordable, especially under an annual maintenance plan, whereby all parties can work closely together to deliver an affordable and efficient service.

Scheduled care will help avoid emergency breakdowns and unexpected calls to the repair team whilst your systems will be subject to a thorough inspection and flush as required.

Quality Guarantee

A good indication of how reliable a boiler is comes from its warranty. On average, commercial units last from 10 to 15 years but longer lifespans are not unheard of, particularly when the product is of a very high quality.

There are no hard rules for when you should replace a boiler, which is why maintenance checks are so important, as whilst you may find it hard to tell if an appliance is looking a little worse for wear, a Gas Safe qualified engineer should know exactly when to offer repairs and replacements.

System Dimensions

As already mentioned, it is important to pick out the right sized boiler as if too big, you will end up losing money every month on wasted energy but if too small, radiators will take a long time to fill and you may struggle to get hot water to all parts of the building.

Fortunately commercial boilers are designed to fit a range of spaces and can be wall-mounted or floor-standing to suit your property.

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