Gas and Electric Smart Meters Explained

Keeping track of your energy use has never been easier thanks to gas and electric Smart meters. Every home in Britain will be offered a Smart meter free of charge over the next few years. And many households are already enjoying the benefits that switching to a gas and electric Smart meter can bring. Could your home be the next to join the Smart revolution?

Benefits of Smart meters to utility bills

 A gas and electric Smart meter sends meter readings directly to your energy provider. This means you can say goodbye to estimated bills. Instead, you will pay for the energy you use. A gas and electric Smart meter will make your bill more accurate. And by helping you reduce your energy use, it could also make your bill more affordable.

Gas and electric smart meters also come with a smart energy display – a handheld device that gives you real-time stats on how much gas or electricity you have used. The display will also show how your energy use translates into pounds, so you can stay on top of how much you’re spending on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

As you switch on your heating, lights or appliances, your gas and electric Smart meter display will show how much energy you are using and how much it costs. So you’ll soon find yourself remembering to turn off that hallway light.

How do I get a gas & electric Smart meter?

Your energy supply will contact you when your home is eligible for a gas and electric Smart meter. If your existing meter needs replacing, it will probably be replaced with a Smart meter. There’s no cost to have a gas and electric Smart meter installed. Just like old-style utility meters, the cost is covered by your energy bills.

The disadvantages of Smart meters

Gas and electric Smart meters offer a quick and easy way to track your energy usage and make your bills more accurate. But unlike other smart technology, a Smart meter doesn’t allow you to control your heating or appliances remotely. This is one of the disadvantages of Smart meters.

A gas and electric Smart meter is a great start, but if you want to do more to manage your energy usage and costs, Huttie can help. We can install smart heating controls which allow you to manage your home heating from your mobile device. We can also fit smart meter keypads throughout your living space to allow you to control the temperature in each individual room. You can also set times for your heating to come on or turn off, so you will use only the energy you need when you are at home.

When combined with a gas and electric Smart meter, these state-of-the-art heating controls can help you save even more money on your monthly bills. By using energy more smartly, you’ll not only cut costs but reduce your consumption too, making your home more efficient

Find out more about how Huttie could help you save money and energy at home by getting in touch with our expert team.