Commercial Air Conditioning: Uses and Types

Certain commercial operations require air conditioning for a variety of reasons, with some needing different kinds of AC units for their requirements.
As well as being used to make interior environments more comfortable by keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, air conditioning is also important for the cooling of rooms filled with devices that produce heat, such as large computer servers and power amps.

Server Rooms

If your commercial space contains so many computers that a dedicated server room is needed, then this will require an air conditioning system to ensure that the climate of the room is kept at the ideal temperature, allowing the smooth running and operations of the servers. When server rooms are built, two of the most important considerations are the location of the room and the installation of an air conditioning system.

PAC & HVAC Units

Server rooms need to be kept at a certain humidity as well as a certain temperature, so they are often fitted with close control air conditioning, or ‘PAC’ units. These units control humidity and particle filtration in the room as well as the temperature, and allow for remote monitoring of the units with alerts in place should anything cause the climate conditions to change too far from what is required.
Along with AC, you may have seen the acronym ‘HVAC’ used in similar contexts. HVAC refers to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and is commonly used in the construction industry as a system to provide the complete climate controls needs for a building – as well as cooling the air, HVAC units are able to provide the necessary heating and the ventilation for a site.

Commercial Air Conditioning from Huttie

If your business has commercial spaces which require a certain temperature to be maintained for the safe and efficient running of your operations, then look no further than Huttie. We supply and install the latest, most efficient air conditioning for a variety of uses, from offices to server rooms to medical centres, with the units that are suited to you and your business’s needs.
We know how important the day to day running of your business is, so as well as ensuring there’s minimal disruption to your operations, our installation services are backed up with a 24 hour emergency call out service should anything go wrong with your units. We also maintain and service pre-existing units, so you can feel the benefit of our engineers experience even if you’ve not had one of our units installed. Get in touch today for your commercial air conditioning needs.