The Importance of Gas Safety for Landlords and Homeowners

We live in a very health conscious society. Everywhere you look, there are warnings not to approach this and not to touch that, because it might end up in an accident. Whether you’re changing a light bulb, mopping the floor, or catching the bus to work, there is a recommended way to do just about everything.

Yet, this keen head for danger doesn’t always translate to the home. People can be very reckless with their properties, because it’s where they feel most comfortable. We find it hard to imagine running into any real danger here. This is despite the fact that, every year, hundreds of Cambridge families experience gas leaks from boilers and appliances.

The truth is that any gas appliance is a potential danger if you do not check it regularly for faults and dysfunctions. This is a big part of gas safety and it is a legal requirement if you are a landlord. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are the Dangers?

It is imperative that homeowners take care of gas fittings and appliances in the right way. You need to be aware of any changes. For instance, a boiler not heating can be caused by many different things. It’s not usually an immediate danger, but there’s no way to be sure until you have it checked out by a gas engineer.

Gas safety is essential for every home in Cambridge because untreated leaks can be disastrous. Not only do you have the risk of fire, there’s also the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. Make no doubt that it is a killer. In the UK, an average of forty people die every year from CO leaks. Fortunately, all it takes is a little bit of care to eliminate the danger.

What Are the Best Solutions?

As mentioned, if you are a landlord, you are legally required to obtain a gas safety certificate for all appliances. You can get this by having them inspected by a qualified gas engineer or technician. Certificates need to be updated every twelve months. If you own your home, there is no legal obligation, but you are still expected to have appliances checked regularly.

This is a very affordable service and it could genuinely save your life one day. Annual inspections spot signs of trouble early and they help heating systems to run more efficiently by removing dirt and grime. Often, internal sediment is the reason for a boiler not heating properly, but there a number of quick and easy solutions.

Don’t forget to install a carbon monoxide detector too. These little devices work in a similar way to smoke alarms. They sound a warning when dangerous levels of CO have been detected in the air. If this happens, you may have a leak and you need to leave the property as quickly as possible until a plumber declares it safe again.

Why Gas Safety Saves You Money and Time

It isn’t just about staying safe either. Keeping up with routine maintenance and having gas appliances checked for faults is a great way to save money. Your boiler, in particular, naturally picks up dirt and debris from the feed water. Given enough time, it accumulates and contributes to things like scale and internal blockages.

Gas engineers can apply water treatments and drain the tank to get rid of scale and obstructions. This ensures that the boiler works as efficiently as possible, without any cold pockets or other inconsistencies. The result is a faster, stronger heating system which runs more productively and costs you less to operate.

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