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Home Boiler Servicing

We highly recommend that you have your boiler serviced annually to ensure it is working safely and efficiently and to maintain warranty validation. The last thing you need as a homeowner is a faulty boiler that could be wasting your energy, costing you money, and creating potential health issues for you and your family.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

A faulty boiler can leak poisonous carbon monoxide which is very difficult to spot without a carbon monoxide detector as it is a colourless, odourless gas. Side effects can lead to headaches, breathing problems, and in extreme cases even fatalities.

Saving Money

An efficient boiler does not need to work as hard to produce the same amount of heat as a neglected appliance which means you could potentially save money on your energy bills by keeping your boiler in good working order; there will also be a reduced risk of expensive repair costs.

Breakdown Prevention

Boilers are relied upon to provide both heating and hot-water so regular servicing will ensure potential issues can be identified before they escalate reducing the likelihood of failure and the inconvenience this would cause.

Extended Life

A new boiler is an expensive investment but regular servicing and maintenance will extend the life of an existing boiler.

Warranty Protection

Boilers will come with a manufacturer’s warranty but most will specify that cover is dependant upon regular service and inspection.

Our Gas Safe and OFTEC registered heating engineers are on hand 24 hours a day to help with any suspected boiler problems and our customer service team will gladly provide health and safety advice over the phone.

If you recently moved home it is particularly important to test and service your boiler giving you complete peace of mind that all components are functioning correctly and you will not be faced with an expensive repair or replacement bill later down the line.

Similarly, if you are a property landlord, we can service your boiler and provide a landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate as proof of performance to your tenants.


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