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Frequently Asked Questions – Water Testing Checks

Commercial landlords have a responsibility to ensure the water on their premises is safe for all to use and drink.

Regular water testing ensures:

  • Water is suitable for drinking;
  • Changes in quality is tracked over time; and
  • Effectiveness of water treatment system.

Testing for some areas can be done using simple on-site equipment such as a calibrated thermometer or lateral flow tests; however, water testing usually involves removing samples from site and analysis in a laboratory under specific conditions and within a specified timescale.

Laboratory testing is seen as the most accurate measure and can be used to test for TVC, Legionella, Pseudomonas, Chemical make-up, and corrosion and scale contaminants.



How often should water testing be carried out?

How often to test for Legionella will depend upon the outcome of a Legionella Risk Assessment.


Take a look at our water testing services page and book in your water testing today.

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