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Smart Meters

The smart meter exists be enable you to accurately measure the amount of energy your property consumes with them replacing conventional electrical meters which have existed for decades.

The main intention of a smart electric meter is to communicate with the electricity provider in a real-time scenario making it much easier for them to determine how much energy your home is consuming over a given period of time. The electricity provider will then be able to understand general consumption rates within a specific geographic area.

Advancement in technology plays an obvious role in the development of smart meters due in large part to the readiness and availability of wireless communications and the possibilities this creates.

Some of the advantages of a smart meter include:

  • The ability to determine how to save money on electricity bills;
  • Electricity providers are immediately notified in the event of an outage; and
  • The ability of electricity providers to determine more efficient ways of distributing power.

Some conspiracy theorists have a view that smart meters can somehow be dangerous. For example, some believe that such proactive levels of monitoring equate to an invasion of privacy whilst some feel that the electromagnetic radiation given off by these devices may contribute to the development of cancer in the future. However, it is important to point out that all firms are required to adhere to strict data collection laws and that there is absolutely no evidence to date that these meters adversely impact one’s health.

We should all appreciate why the installation of smart meters is set to pick up speed in the coming months and years. Are you interested in learning more about these and other smart monitoring solutions? Would you like to further understand their benefits? If so, please do not hesitate to speak with one of our customer service representatives. There is no doubt that smart meters are here to stay and it pays to remain one step ahead of the energy curve.

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