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Hot Water Systems

There are predominantly two types of domestic hot-water system:

  • Central heating – which is the circulation of water from your boiler to your radiators
  • Domestic hot-water – which is the circulation of water from your boiler to your taps

Both systems are similar in components but the water and pipework does not mix; therefore, the differences need to be understood in order for effects, issues, and maintenance to be accurately identified along with certain installation possibilities (such as the type of shower needed).

Hot-water is always stored in a cylinder or a tank and can be heated as follows:

  • Immersion – An electric element which screws into the hot-water tank and is wired to the mains electrical supply.
  • Direct Boiler System – The boiler will heat the water and return it to the tank above.
  • Indirect Boiler System – The cylinder will contain a coil or ‘heat exchanger’ on the pipework run which is heated directly by the boiler.

At Huttie our plumbers have a wealth of expertise in the specification, supply, and installation of all types of hot water systems for your home. Our engineers know exactly which hot water system will best suit the size and type of your home, will optimise your fuel bills, and improve the overall energy efficiency throughout.

We understand the importance of needing reliable hot water in your home whenever required so whether you are looking to update your existing hot water system or replace the system entirely with a new more efficient set-up our team of highly-experienced and professional plumbers are here to help.

You can depend on us to manage the works on your hot water system from design to installation using the highest-quality materials and workmanship available, delivering on time, and within your budget.


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