Oil central heating system services in Cambridge & London

With around four million homes across the UK not connected to the country’s mains gas network, oil-powered central heating systems remain a popular alternative. Heating oil is stored in a tank and is usually employed in wet heating systems, where oil-fired boilers heat water before pumping it around the radiators and to the hot water taps in your home. At Huttie, our Gas Safe registered plumbing engineers are highly experienced in installing and maintaining off-grid energy systems.

Whether you are looking to replace your home’s existing heating system with an oil-fired boiler, or you’ve just moved into your new home and you have a pre-installed heating oil system that needs testing, then Huttie can help.

We can provide a free, no-obligation quote for installing or servicing your home’s oil central heating system. The price we quote is the price you’ll pay and our rates are extremely competitive.

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New legislation approved in 2005 required all newly installed oil-fired boilers to utilise condensing technology and adhere to the latest efficiency guidelines. Condensing oil boilers recycle the heat through an additional heat exchanger. This enables the hot exhaust gases to pre-heat the water sat in the boiler system, minimising overall costs and energy

Our fully-accredited engineers take great pride in their work. When they arrive on-site to install or maintain your oil central heating they’ll do their utmost to minimise disruption to your home life, keeping working areas clean once finished. At Huttie, we also guarantee every oil boiler we install – we’re only satisfied with the job once you are.