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• Specially designed to repair damaged spark plug threads on modern engines.
• Unique design allows the tool to be passed through the plug thread into the combustion chamber, then expanded to the correct size starting on the inner, undamaged threads.
• Traditional thread restorers rely on luck for the restored and undamaged threads to align.
• The first letter(s) of a Denso, NGK and Bosch plug code is the thread size identification. For Champion brand the second letter(s) of a plug code is the thread size identification.

Model No: MS003
Brand: Sealey
Nett Weight: 0.12kg
Plug Brand: 14mm Plug Size Codes:
Denso: J, P, PQ, Q, QJ, K, KJ, PK, PT, S, SF, SK/SVK, T, TR,
Bosch: F, H, K, V, W,
Champion: C, CJ, DJ, EC, FN, , J, L, N, S, X

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