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• Durable case and integral stand suitable for the toughest workshop conditions.
• Large, high-contrast LCD display with 18mm high digital read-out and analogue bar graph.
• Includes auto-ranging, data-hold, auto-polarity, auto-power-off and low battery display functions.
• Bar graph simplifies lambda sensor testing.
• Supplied with capped test probes and K-type thermocouple.

Model No: TA101
Brand: Sealey
Nett Weight: 400g
Tach (rpm): 0-3260 (x1)rpm, 0-3260(x10)rpm
Dwell: 2Cyl 0-180°, 3Cyl 0-120°, 4Cyl 0-90°, 5Cyl 0-72°, 6Cyl 0-60°, 8Cyl 0-45°
AC Voltage: 326mV, 3.26V, 32.6V, 326V, 600V (Auto-Ranging)
DC Voltage: 326mV, 3.26V, 32.6V, 326V, 600V (Auto-Ranging)
AC Current: 326µA, 3260µA, 32.6mA, 326mA, 10A (Auto-Ranging for µA & mA)
DC Current: 326µA, 3260µA, 32.6mA, 326mA, 10A (Auto-Ranging for µA & mA)
Capacitance: No
Frequency: 320Hz, 3200Hz, 32kHz (Manual Range)
Duty Cycle: 0.1-99.9%
Pulse Width: No
Resistance: 326Ω, 3.26kΩ, 32.6kΩ, 326kΩ, 3.26MΩ, 32.6MΩ (Auto-Ranging)
Continuity: <50Ω
Temperature: -20 to +750°C/-4 to +1400°F
IR Temperature: No
Diode Check: Yes (Typical Test Current 1mA)
Transistor Test: No
Back Light: No
Bar Graph Display: Yes
Display Hold: Yes
Auto-Ranging: Yes
Inductive Coupler: No
PC Interface: No
Digits Height: 18mm
Auto-Power-Off: Yes
Low Battery Indicator: Yes
Batteries (supplied): 9V (PP3)
Hi-Impact Case: Yes
Size (L x W x D): 200 x 93 x 50mm
Weight: 400g

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