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• Suitable for setting and locking Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Lancia complete range of 1.6D, 1.9D, 2.0D JTD and Multijet engines as well as 2.4D 10v and 20v JTD.
• Kit contains flywheel holding tool to remove/install crankshaft pulley, crankshaft locking tool and camshaft setting tools.
• Supplied in storage case.

Model No: VSE5961
Alfa Romeo: 145 (98-01), 146 (98-01), 147 (01-10), 156 (97-08), 159 (05-12), 166 (98-08), Brera (05-11), Crosswagon (04-08), Giulietta (10-15), GT (04-10), MiTo (08-16), Spider (06-11)
Fiat: Brava/Bravo (98-02), Bravo (07-15), Croma (05-11), Doblo/Cargo/Workup (02-16), Grande Punto (05-10), Idea (04-12), Linea (07-11), Marea/Weekend (99-03), Multipla (99-11), Palio Weekend (02-06), Punto (99-06), Punto Evo (09-12), Sedici (06-13), Stilo (01-08), Strada Pick-Up (03-06)
Lancia: Delta (08-15), Kappa (98-02), Lybra (99-07), Musa (04-12), Thesis (02-07)
Brand: Sealey
Engine Codes:
1.6D: 198A2.000, 198A3.000, 198A6.000, 263A3.000, 263A4.000, 263A5.000, 350A2.000, 350A3.000, 940A3.000, 955A3.000, 955A4.000
1.9D 8v: 371.01, 323.02, 182.A7000, 182B4.000, 182B9.000, 186A6.000, 186A8.000, 186A9.000, 188A2.000, 188A7.000, 188B2.000, 192A1.000, 192A3.000, 192A8.000, 192A9.000, 192B5.000, 192B4.000, 199A5.000, 223.A6000, 223A7.000, 223B1.000, 937A2.000 937A3.000 939A1.000 939A7.000 D19AA
1.9D 16v: 182.A7000, 186A9.000, 192A5.000, 192B1.000, 192B5.000, 199A5.000, 223.A6000, 223A7.000, 223B1.000, 937A3.000, 937A4.000, 937A5.000, 937A6.000, 939A1.000, 939A2.000, 939A7.000, 939A8.000 844A1.000
2.0D: 198A5.000, 250A1.000, 263A1.000, 844A2.000, 939B3.000, 939B4.000, 940A4.000, 940A5.000, D20AA
2.4D: 325.01, 342.02, 362.02, 185A6.000, 838A8.000, 841C.000, 841G.000, 841H.000, 841M.000, 841N.000, 939A3.000, 839A5.000, 839A6.000, 939A9.000
Nett Weight: 0.88kg
OEM Tools:
Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia: 1.860.898.000,, 1.870.896.900, 1.860.905.01

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