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• Comprehensive set for easy removal of freewheel alternator pulley, either on or off the vehicle.
• Allows alternator shaft to be held while pulley retainer is removed.

Model No: SX404
Brand: Sealey
Contents: Combined Socket Bits; 1/2"Sq Drive; TRX-Star* - T50-31T Ø13.60 x 113mm, T50-33T Ø19.40 x 65mm, T50-33T Ø19.40 x 113mm, Spline - M10-31T Ø13.60mm x 112mm, M10-33T Ø14mm x 83mm, M10-33T Ø19.40 x 65mm, M10-33T Ø19.40 x 112mm, 10mm Hex Drive; 10mm Socket-33T Ø19.40, 10mm Socket - 21mm Hex, Hex Adaptors; 17 (x2), 22, 19 x 28, 21 x 28, 22 x 28mm, Spline Adaptors; 33T-Ø17.90mm, 33T-Ø19.40mm (x3), Hex/Pin Adaptors; 38mm - 3-pin, Round Pin Adaptors; Ø35mm - 4-pin, Ø40mm 3-pin, Bits; Hex; M8, M10 x 75mm, M10 x 100mm, Socket; 10mm x 75mm, Spline; M10 x 65mm, M8, M10 x 75mm, M10 x 100mm, M10 x 140mm, TRX-Star*; T40, T50 x 75mm, T50 x 100mm, Adaptor; 1/2"Sq Drive x 10mm Hex
Nett Weight: 3.71kg

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