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Frequently Asked Questions – HVAC Servicing


How often do HVACs need to be serviced?

Ideally HVAC equipment should be serviced twice per annum to ensure maximum efficiency; these are most frequently scheduled as a winter service and a summer service when the equipment will be switching between heating and cooling operating modes.



What kind of maintenance does an AC unit need?

Most units will experience issues without regular servicing carried out as the filters, coils, and fans all require routine maintenance checks to prolong effectiveness. Any neglected maintenance is likely to cause restricted airflow, increase system pressure, drive-up consumption, and result in dirty air being expelled.

Cleaning or replacing filters is the most crucial task to maintain system efficiency with this task ideally being carried out every quarter as a minimum depending on usage. Clean filters will prevent the evaporator coil from becoming dirty which would reduce the unit performance as a whole.


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