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Get Your Gas Appliances Checked for a Safer, Warmer Home

With the end of summer drawing close, it’s the perfect time for homeowners to weather proof their properties. Whether it’s sealing up holes in window frames, insulating outdoor pipes, or just kicking the thermostat up a notch; maintenance is important at this time of year. In fact, the best place to start is with a boiler service, because the system works very hard.

Ideally, residential boilers should be inspected by a registered gas engineer at least once every twelve months. This is known as a service and, while it isn’t a legal obligation for homeowners, it is strongly recommended. Gas safety checks, on the other hand, are a legal requirement in specific circumstances.

This guide to gas checks and services will explain why both are important for the safety of your home.

Knowing What Your Boiler Needs

In most properties, the boiler is the biggest gas appliance. This is why, when we talk about gas checks, it is always a top priority. Interestingly, fewer people are choosing to operate gas cookers than they did twenty years ago, but if you do have one, it is another appliance which needs to be carefully maintained.

The difference between a safety check and a service is simple. Checks are performed every time that the status of a building changes. So, for example, if you were to buy a house, the pipes and boiler would need to be rigorously inspected and approved by a professional. This is to ensure that all parts of the property are safe for you to use.

In contrast, a boiler service is an independent process. It is a routine inspection designed to identify any developing faults and provide basic maintenance so that the unit doesn’t break down or underperform. You are not obligated to pay for these, but they could end up saving you a lot of money in repair costs.

Getting to Grips with Servicing

For example, a typical boiler service looks at things like the seals, gaskets, and heat exchangers. The goal is to spot signs of accelerated wear and tear before they turn into big problems. All gas appliances can be serviced, but boilers are the primary focus for engineers.

Not only are they expensive to replace if they break down, but they can also be dangerous in the event of a leak. So, technicians perform a range of checks to determine its state of health.

If the unit has been running sluggishly, they can even flush out the water and clean the inside.

Safety Checking At the Right Times

The general rule of thumb for a boiler service is once or twice per year. Gas safety checks, on the other hand, may not be your responsibility. If you buy a new property, the onus is on the sellers to provide proof that gas appliances are safe for use. However, this doesn’t always happen, and you may need to arrange your own inspection.

If you move into a rented property, one of your rights as a tenant is to see proof of gas safety. This is provided in the form of a gas certificate, and the landlord is legally obligated to acquire one (it must be in date, as well). The final scenario is if you, as the homeowner, decide to renovate any of the existing pipework. The new pipes or appliances will need to be approved.

If you would like more information about gas appliance checks or the services offered by our qualified gas engineers, contact us or call 01223 292 295 to speak to a technician and discuss your needs directly.

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