Home lighting installations

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor lighting solutions, at Huttie we offer a comprehensive range of low voltage lighting installations using the latest technology and designs, according to your property’s specific needs. The correct home lighting can make all of the difference, making living spaces feel brighter and more spacious as well as helping to accentuate key design features throughout a property.

Our highly-experienced project managers can work with you from day one to ascertain the home lighting installation you’re after, before drawing up a number of initial designs and drawings to provide inspiration and get the look you want. Once you’re happy with our solution, we’ll send our fully-accredited electrical engineers on-site to carry out the installation of your new home lighting in a safe and efficient manner.

Our high-tech lighting solutions can help cut your home’s electricity usage and bills dramatically by utilising energy efficient systems that make your lives easier – and brighter.

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Aside from taking care of new home lighting installations, our electricians can also assess any problems you may be having with your existing lighting. Our Gas Safe registered engineers can identify potential faults within fixtures or fixed wiring, which could be causing flickering or dimming lights within your home. Ultimately, our engineers work with your best interests at heart, protecting your safety first and foremost, before helping to create fantastic well-lit home environments for your family to enjoy.

All our home lighting installations are completely guaranteed – our engineers take great pride in their work and we’re only happy with your home’s lighting once you are. For a free, no-obligation quote for your home’s new lighting solution, contact us today.