Commercial Gas Pipeline Testing & Maintenance

At Huttie, our Gas Safe registered plumbing engineers are experienced in purging gas pipelines and vessels after repairs or newly installed pipework, using engineer-bespoke solutions to carry out a purge successfully and safely, mitigating the threat of a gas leak in your business premises.

A gas leak not only represents a significant safety risk, it is also a serious waste of company money. Our engineers can carry out periodic gas tightness tests of your pipework to provide complete peace of mind and allow you to focus on running your business.

Commercial Gas Tightness Test For Pipes In Cambridge & London

A smell of gas or the presence of gas during a gas tightness test would represent an immediate fail. In this particular scenario, your Huttie engineer would subsequently isolate the leak and repair the fault as quickly as possible, minimising business disruption. Our highly-skilled commercial gas engineers will always familiarise themselves with the gas installation pipework of your building before commencing any testing. Only once they have evaluated all the possible risks will they proceed with gas purging your property’s pipework.

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Our Gas Safe registered commercial gas contractors can carry out strength tests on any new industrial or commercial gas pipework installations, as well as any extensions to existing pipework installations. Gas tightness testing is then carried out at full operating pressure to guarantee your pipework is safe for continued use, without the threat of a potential health and safety hazard.

In the event of any gas emergency with your commercial property, we offer a 24/7 emergency call-out service. Your nearest Huttie engineer will provide rapid response to your premises and attempt to isolate the issue as quickly and as safely as possible.