Commercial Asbestos Removal Contractors

When it comes to removing potentially harmful asbestos and materials containing solid and friable asbestos, our fully-accredited engineers boast many years of experience undertaking expert and fully compliant asbestos removals across Cambridgeshire. From small retail outlets to larger industrial sites, we have an exemplary safety record for adhering to strict regulations when removing asbestos products and materials from all types of commercial premises.

If you’re concerned about the presence of asbestos in the air within your premises or you believe that asbestos is visible on-site, our experienced team can carry out a comprehensive survey and assessment of your commercial property. We’ll look to identify both the location and condition of any asbestos before taking further remedial action.

Licensed Local Asbestos Removal Contractors In Cambridge & London

At Huttie we have achieved the required standards to undertake asbestos removal work, giving our commercial clients absolute confidence in our ability to get the job done properly and safely. From asbestos removal to remediation and abatement, we never cut corners and are only satisfied with the condition of your premises once you are.

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It’s important to note that not all asbestos has to be removed immediately. Asbestos removal is only recommended if it is at risk of being disturbed, or if it is discovered in a poor state and cannot be made safe and secure. Our knowledgeable, licensed engineers can provide your business with the necessary guidance on the condition of your asbestos and make professional recommendations to ensure the wellbeing of your staff and patrons.

Every decision we take regarding your commercial property’s asbestos is in strict accordance with all statutory regulations to prevent the spread of this damaging material. Our engineers take into consideration the current UK Legislation and Asbestos Regulations and the Health & Safety Executive’s (HSE) Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes to make the right decision for your business.