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Frequently Asked Questions about Commercial Boiler Servicing



How often should commercial boilers be serviced?

Any unit that has a power rating of 70kW or above is classified as a commercial boiler. Commercial boilers require regular servicing to ensure continued effectiveness and efficiency and to provide peace of mind regarding safety. The average lifespan of a commercial boiler is anywhere between 10 and 15 years and it is recommended that a full service is carried out each year due to their susceptibility to wear and tear from heavy usage.



How do you maintain a commercial boiler?

A common mistake is being complacent with a functioning boiler and subsequently neglecting the need for regular maintenance. Some signs of your boiler requiring attention are:

  • Drop in temperature – if the property remains cold when the boiler is switched on there could be a potential problem; you should check to see if the radiators and pipes are heating up at the same time and to the same temperature to confirm whether it is just the boiler which is potentially problematic.
  • Rise in fuel bills – an inefficient boiler will use more fuel and therefore be costly to run.
  • Noises – previously unheard noises should not be ignored and could be a nearly warning sign.


Legal Requirements

Is it a legal requirement to service a boiler?

Landlords of buildings used for commercial purposes are required to service the boiler by law. Fines for landlords who do not comply with Gas Safe regulations are extremely hefty and if found to be willingly in breach of the regulations, landlords could even be found guilty and serve a prison sentence. As a bottom line, landlords have a duty of care to their tenants and negligence carries the threat of prosecution.


Not Serviced

What happens if you don’t service a boiler?

Other than the threat of prosecution if your boiler is not serviced:

  • Safety – damaged boilers can cause health hazards to a workplace such as gas leaks.
  • Repairs – maintenance schedules are there for a reason and if ignored, then early warning signs or required replacements will be missed and potentially cause costly repairs; proactive maintenance is much cheaper than reactive repair bills.
  • Warranty – most insurance companies also require an annual boiler service to be undertaken and non-compliance is likely to invalidate the warranty and your insurance cover.


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