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Cold-Water Storage Tank Maintenance

Cold-water storage tanks are used to either hold water before it is heated by a boiler or to keep a separate supply from the building’s hot water. There are several reasons these tanks need maintenance to avoid being replaced:

Hazardous Older Tanks

In recent years cold-water storage tanks have come under new health and safety regulations due to the materials previously used to build them. If you live or work in an older building, the cold-water system likely uses a galvanised or asbestos tank which are now regarded as hazardous. Regulations dictate these tanks must be updated as they pose a serious health risk. Our engineers will gladly assess your cold-water system to determine whether a new storage tank is needed and we can supply and install a new, safe, and efficient replacement bringing you in line with current regulations.

Water Pressure

If your cold-water system does not have adequate water pressure then you be on the receiving end of a poor and reduced water supply that could fall below your requirements. Low water pressure can be caused by an inefficient system or, in worst cases, a burst pipe. If you do not seem to be getting an even water distribution around the building then one of our engineers will gladly assess the system to determine to the best solution.

If you have an inefficient cold-water system then a cold-water booster set could be installed to improve water pressure and distribution efficiency.

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